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    What I’m Super Into: October 2018

    October 10, 2018

    I haven’t posted here in quite awhile. I’ve thought about it a lot but I haven’t really done any big projects at home since my life is pretty much dominated by just surviving since there are now five of us to worry about and it never felt like there was anything to really share. So I decided to shift my content a little and just do some quicker posts that don’t require any fancy photography or in-depth investment. This is about as much as I can give in terms of creativity investment at this present time, so it is what it is!

    Anyway, this forces me to post here at least once a month. I’ll just share what things I’m listening to, reading, wearing, buying, eating–whatever it is that’s floating my boat at the moment. Kind of fun to share what’s getting my creative juices going but I think it will also be interesting from a personal standpoint to look back and see what I was doing each month. Kind of like a journal, except more public and less personal (so less juicy, whomp whomp). So, without further blathering, onto October.

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  • Bedroom Design

    Master Bedroom Re-Mastered

    Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes, your first choice isn’t your best choice. Something is better than nothing. This is what I keep telling myself as I kick myself in retrospect for making a very annoying,…

    April 3, 2018
  • Design Little Ones

    Charlie’s Black and White Woodland Nursery

    Nurseries are some of my favorite rooms to put together because they’re so fun. Charlie’s is perhaps my favorite of the three I’ve done (see Avery’s nursery here and Andrew’s nursery here) because it’s so light…

    March 26, 2018
  • Design Little Ones

    An Even Better Big Girl Room

    Finding out we were having a third child meant that there would no longer be room for a guest bedroom on the second floor of our house. But we didn’t want to lose the…

    March 14, 2018
  • Design

    Happy Holidays from The Humble Nest

    This is this year’s Christmas card. I think it is one of my best yet! The space theme was inspired by mid-century atomic-era holiday designs. Designing a holiday card is one of my favorite…

    December 23, 2017
  • Design

    Nursery Brainstorming: Round Three

    It’s been an eternity since I’ve posted here, but I thought, hey, better late than never. My last post was about my son’s nursery before he was even born–he’s now heading towards being two…

    December 18, 2017