Save in Style: Vintage Banks

May 13, 2010

When I was a kid, my grandma used to fill banks for us with pennies and special coins. Mine was shaped like an owl and my sister’s like a globe. I think because of that I’ve always had a sentimental place in my heart for old banks. We have a few around our place and they are some of my favorite things that we own. Unless you’re shopping at fancy antique stores for rare and mechanized versions, you can usually find them for relatively cheaply (eBay has loads of them that start around $9) so they can be a cool and inexpensive way to add some vintage items to your decor. Plus, they’re great as bookends when they’re full of change!

The monk comes with a little moral warning about anyone who would think to steal your change, and the owl with some advice about smart financial management. At present, however, they aren’t holding much change at all, just sitting around being decorative. The monk has seen better days and I’m not sure would hold up to coin storage and the owl no longer has his little stopper. No matter, I like them just the same.




Here are a couple images of banks are are cute, which are part of a larger gallery I put together on Flickr which you can see here.

Image from: partylikeits1985

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