Snail Decor

June 3, 2010

There is something I love about snails, however gross it may be to have one leaving a slime trail on you in real life. Must be their slow and steady pace and the homes they carry with them on their backs. That, or I still haven’t gotten over my love of the show Pinwheel (ah, I just got that song stuck in my head), twenty-some years later. Whatever it is, snails can make a cute addition to your home decor and they come on just about every kind of item you could want. Here are some awesome snail decor items I’ve made, bought or wish I had.

Here’s a snail painting I did. My first ever gouache!

You can put a candle inside this snail and light up his shell.

This snail lamp is one of my favorite household items.

I think these plates from Anthropologie are a little expensive, but I love the charming, childlike-snail design on them.

Nothing says 60’s like a big ‘ol brass snail.

This toothpick holder on Etsy is shaped like a cute little snail!

This snail provides a convenient place to store your tape.

This snail looks heavy. He’d probably make a great doorstop, though he’s too cute to hide away on the floor.

I love the cute polka dots on this snail planter.

I love the idea behind this Richard Doyle illustration.

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