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August 2, 2010

Looking back through my old photos it was funny to me to see how much my style has changed (or stayed the same) over time. Here are a few photos that chronicle my apartment living life over the past five years. I found out, oddly enough, that I have absolutely no photos– not even one– of an apartment I lived in before this current one.

Here are a few of my first apartment in the city, small but cozy. I believe the building used to be a hotel.

Not much space to work with here, but I crammed in the essentials.

I moved the table into this little nook, which used to be a closet.

These are the days before I owned a bed. Nothing like an air mattress on the floor. I was pretty into the white back then, but having pets put the kibosh on that.

I also lived in another apartment in the same building I’m in now. It was my favorite apartment ever. Spacious and lots of light!

Note the pre-cats white furniture. Looks nice when there isn’t cat barf and fur all over it. I still love all those accent colors.

Dining room and library. The theme was orange.

I think I still like a lot of the same things, but its funny to see how I got into certain colors or styles over time. Some people keep the same decor for decades, but I can’t seem to keep the same decor for more than a few months. I guess that’s why I feel compelled to buy used!

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