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DIY Fall Felt Wreath

November 17, 2010

If you want a festive way to spice up your door without having to invest in a serious wreath (those things always cost way more than I expect them to) there’s a simple and easy way you can make one on your own using felt I whipped up this fall version in just a few hours!

Even if you’re kind of stinky at crafts you shouldn’t be too challenged by making one of these. You just need to make a leaf pattern, trace it onto a bunch of felt, cut it out, then glue the pieces to a foam wreath form, add a bow and voila! Instant (kinda) wreath! I chose fall colors, as it is currently fall, but there’s no reason you couldn’t use other colors as well.

It’s nothing fancy but it helps give a little something to an otherwise empty space. Plus, who doesn’t love fall colors?

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