Awesome Attic Spaces

May 19, 2011

Lately I’ve been enamored with attic spaces, perhaps because so many of the Chicago homes I’ve looked at on real estate sites have had unfinished attics. All that untapped space would make the perfect office, extra bedroom or, if you have little ones, playroom. Sure, the ceilings in the spaces are low, but I think it makes it a bit more cozy than anything else. Of course, I’m pretty short so that might skew my view; the sharply angled space would be no doubt be head-bump alley for my much taller finance. Though I suppose that’s part of the draw for me. A cozy space that no one else would want to use, far from kitchen and television noise– there couldn’t be anything more ideal for a space to write, sew or work on other projects.

Image from McKayVB

Yet turning a musty old attic into a livable space doesn’t appear to be the easiest thing in the world to do. First, it’s dark up there! Most attics, at least in Chicago, only have one small window so skylights or additional windows would be in order– something that I would never want to attempt to do on my own (I’ll give most DIY a go, but not projects that involve cutting holes in outer walls or roofs.)

Secondly, most attics have pretty restrictive access, either through a pull-down ladder or a really tiny, narrow staircase. Neither of these scenarios bode well for getting drywall or larger furniture up there. As they say, where there’s a will there’s a way and I’d have a heck of a will to get that attic finished so perhaps it wouldn’t be as bad as I’m imaging it.

For now, my dream attic space is still just that– a dream. Until we’re ready to invest in a home and some serious renovation I’ll have to live out my attic space fantasies through the homes of others, like these drool-worthy examples.

  1. House to Home UK: Could this little room be any more perfect? Light, bright and oh, so cozy.
  2. Interior Design Ideas: I would not have thought to put a bathroom in an attic but this is fabulous. Forget about the office, I’ll work from the tub.
  3. Country Living Magazine: Love the antiques and the exposed beams. Hardly feels like an attic at all.
  4. Elle Decor: This is a feature on a Divine Design redo. It is so incredibly amazing. I know I would never be able to copy something like this, but it’s a dream attic!
  5.  The Decorista: The built ins in this office cannot be beat.
  6.  Emily Ann Interiors: I’m not a huge fan of the frou-frou lamps, but I like the blue and the wall gallery.
  7. Country Living Magazine: That round window is to die for.
  8. My Little Apartment: I’m pretty sure this is a barn, but I don’t care. Still a perfect, dreamy attic space. Can’t you just imagine it on a sunny day, sipping lemonade and reading a book?
  9. Memi the Rainbow: This is the only one that looks like a real, lived-in office.  Still just lovely, despite the clutter.

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    Oi, I would love a cosy attic study – i would hide in there for days! Lovely post.

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