New Homeowner Trials

May 16, 2012

We are finally getting settled into our new place, and like many homeowners, are learning that there are a few quirks that go along with our new home.

So far, we’ve discovered these things:

– All of our closets were installed incorrectly.

– Our yard was apparently a garbage pit at some point (we expected some construction garbage, but this is far beyond that)

– One of the bathroom doors doesn’t open correctly

– The builders were not careful about paint or caulk.

– Our living room floor isn’t level

– The steps out front and out back are cracked and loose.

– There are lots of random lumps under the carpet.

– One window in the bedroom doesn’t stay up.

And that’s just what we’ve noticed so far! Who knows what other weird things are lurking.

Aside from those things, living here has been pretty amazing. It feels so good to have room and to actually have a place to put everything.

Here are some photos from our first few weeks in the house.

Living room, part 1.

Living room, part 2.

Dining room. Our table is sooo small in this room.

Kitchen, with lots of yellow!

The office, including a stack of decorative objects that had yet to find a home.

Downstairs bath

The master bedroom, plus cats.

The master bath.

Guest bedroom.

It’s still a work in progress but I’ll update as we make changes/improvements!

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