Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest!

June 27, 2012

One of the most neglected rooms in our house is the guest bedroom. It’s almost completely empty, save for the bed, nightstands, and a lonely little chair. Since it will be the future bedroom of any offspring, I guess I’ve been kind of reluctant to do too much to it. I don’t want to invest much in furniture that might just have to be relocated in a few years. I have tried, however, to make the room a little more presentable for guests.

First order of business was purchasing a mattress topper and some new pillows, which went a long way towards making the bed somewhere I wouldn’t be completely embarrassed to have guests sleep. I also brought in an old duvet I had (from Ikea, I think everyone owns this duvet) which adds a nice pop of color to the room and tops off the awesome $5 Ralph Lauren quilt I found at the thrift store. Vases, an alarm clock, and a yummy smelling candle help, too.

It still needs some stuff, even if just temporarily, as the room is ridiculously empty. I’m hoping to find a dresser or desk  cheaply (or freely) that I can repaint and stick on that side of the room, but no luck yet. Until then, it’s just this lonely little chair.

It looks so sad all by its lonesome!

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  • Reply JeannieRichard June 27, 2012 at 8:34 am

    Oh yes indeed infamous IKEA bed sheet set ~ that is on our bed now too 😉

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