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June 29, 2012

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve gone a bit plant crazy since we’ve moved into our house. I always want to buy more, more, more! I think we are pretty well set for this year, however, especially as some of our annuals have really filled in and are starting to look pretty great.

I say this, however, after buying like eight plants the other day at Jewel. I couldn’t help it! They were all on clearance for $1-2 so I didn’t spend much at all and got some really great stuff. Don’t judge.

In the back I added two new flowers, one coreopsis and another with lovely stems of purple flowers, though I’m not sure what it is a the tag was missing. They should fill in, along with the daisies, and really look nice against the fence.

Also purchased: sorrel and catnip. I’m hoping the sorrel will fill in, I want to put it in some salads.

The herbs we planted in this bucket are getting HUGE. The basil and the bee balm are taking over. We’re going to have to start using them a bit more.

I got this peony for only $1.50! I have no idea what color it is or whether it will even survive, but it was a small investment.

Another bargain purchase!

Everything out front is really starting to fill in nicely!

Especially these snapdragons. They have so many blooms they can barely stand up straight.

Looks a bit more sparse from a distance, but it’s filling in more than it appears to be in photos.

One of my favorite purchases is this Sea Holly. Such a neat plant! Can’t wait until it gets bigger.

Not all my purchases have been for the outdoors, however. I got this awesome planter on clearance at West Elm, which is hanging out on our coffee table now.

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