Master Bath Mini-Makeover

July 29, 2012

Our master bathroom was another area in our home where wire shelving had been installed, pretty much as incorrectly as it is possible to install it. As a result, the open closet space (which I wasn’t a huge fan of in the first place) had shelves that were only very tenuously attached to the wall. One finally decided to collapse for good the other day and I took it as a sign that the room needed to get a bit of a makeover.

First, I removed the remains of the shelving, which left some pretty annoyingly large holes in the wall. I had to fill those in before I could do anything, the result of which you can see here. It wasn’t pretty and I didn’t do the best job, but it is the inside of a closet, essentially so I wasn’t too concerned.

Since I already had to paint the walls to cover up the patch job, I decided to go ahead and change the color to something that better complemented the tile and the cabinets in the bathroom. The dark gray is a nice color, but it  didn’t really match the beige travertine tile or the dark wood of the cabinets. Plus, since the room is already pretty small and doesn’t get much light, it made it seem tiny and dark. We looked at a bunch of different colors and decided on a simple ivory. It’s a blah color for sure, but it helps to unite everything in the room and would be easy to paint over if we should ever decide to do that.

Here’s the before:

And the after:

I think the color came out really nice and really makes the room look bigger.

I also added in some new towels in a dark green that matches the shower curtain.

In place of the old wire shelves I put in a cabinet I picked up at Ikea. The dark wood is a nice complement and it keeps everything organized and neat but still out of the way. I think it looks a million times better than the old shelves and I can’t believe I waited so long to change it.

I still need to figure out some artwork for the frames over the toilet, but we’ve been pretty busy with weddings, parties, work and other things so it’ll likely be a few weeks or more before I can even sit down to think about it!

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