Office Curtains

August 1, 2012

Since I have to spend so much time in my office every day, I’ve made it a bit of a decorating priority in the house (perhaps unfairly so). As a result, it’s much more finished than some of the other spaces in our home, though it still needs a rug, a comfy chair, and a cute side table to really feel “done” in my eyes. One step towards making it feel homey and warm was getting some curtains hung up.

I wasn’t actually looking to sew any curtains this past weekend, but on a trip to Joann for other supplies I spied an Alexander Henry fabric I had been looking at online. Even better, it was on sale and I had a coupon. Let’s just say, it was meant to be.

It’s a cute, warm pattern. It’s also pretty girly. No boys allowed in the office! Sorry, Rob.

Here’s a shot from a distance. I’d like to eventually put some sheers underneath, but baby steps.

So far, Mochi seems to be a fan.

She likes to spy on the neighbors and chirp at birds while I’m working.  I’d like to create a bigger cat perch so both cats could share it, but I don’t have the tools! Perhaps those will be a future purchase.

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