Lengthening Curtains

August 21, 2012

Our house has really high ceilings, which for the most part (minus the entire season of winter), is really great. It makes it very hard, however, to find curtains that work and that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I had these really pretty curtains from Ikea (Stockholm Blad, my favorite) that were in our old apartment. I love these curtains. But they were too short to hang in our dining room by about 6 inches. I was determined to make them work, however, so I decided to sew a panel onto the bottom to make them long enough.

I ordered some flax/natural colored linen from to act as the bottom border of the curtains. After a lot of measuring, cutting, and cursing (there is a liner, which I totally messed up sewing right), I got them up and looking nice. There actually isn’t that much of a border on them, so it’s not really especially noticeable.

From a distance, it doesn’t draw the eye much at all. It doesn’t really look like they were ever meant to be any other way. I was happy to be able to use curtains we already had to decorate with, so much less expensive that way.

I also discovered while hanging these up that the space between our house and the neighboring apartment building isn’t just a small gap. There’s actually a little courtyard in there. I always wondered where all that noise was coming from. Now I know.

I think the curtains really help the room to look more warm and inviting! I can’t wait to get to use this space for dinners and parties!

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