Master Bedroom Makeover

July 24, 2013

I know I’ve got to be one of the few people to complain about a bedroom being too big, but our master really has a lot of space that doesn’t get used. As a result, half of the room was pretty empty pretty much since we moved in.


Due to purchasing some other furniture for the living room, we actually ended up with some extra pieces that we could use to fill in the space and make it look not so sad and empty. I ended up moving a mid-century plant stand into the room to replace the cabinet that was there before. It’s a good place for books, jewelry, and of course, plants.

I found an Ikea chair that someone was throwing out and bought a new slipcover for it. It’s the smaller one on the left, which was an awesomely cheap way to bring some more stuff into the room. The large white chair we used to have in our living room also got moved up here as well as the matching ottoman due to some new purchases for the main space. I hate the fact that the chairs are such vastly different shapes and sizes, but buying new ones isn’t in the budget at the moment, so they’ll suffice. Also, we pretty much never sit here, so I have no motivation to do anything with them.

I also finally got up some artwork on the walls, though there is still one sad, empty frame that’s waiting to be filled.

One of the biggest and most useful changes I made was getting a makeup table. It’s actually a really cheap desk from Ikea, but it works perfectly as a vanity as it has a glass top that can be wiped off easily and a place to stow all of my makeup underneath. I moved my jewelry storage rack over there, picked up a new mirror at Home Goods, and added a few useful accessories to the top so everything is in easy reach. I love having this in the room! I seriously don’t know how I put on makeup without it.



It’s not perfect, but it’s a lot better than it used to be!

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