Rearranging My Office Space

August 1, 2013

After unexpectedly getting laid off, I wanted to give my home office a bit of a new look. New future, new look, right? Sometimes moving things around is a great way to get a new perspective and start fresh.

It wasn’t a major change, but it did help give the space a new feeling. First, I moved the chair that was in the room to a different corner and took out one of the bookshelves. I then moved the remaining bookshelf over to this little nook.

I also FINALLY hung up a shelf I had bought at Ikea when we moved into the house. It gives the room some height and provides a little extra storage that’s out of the way.

The chair went over into the other corner, along with some of the artwork that hung over it before. I also added a new hanging light from Ikea to fill out the corner space.

It’s not a total change from how it was before, but it does feel good to have a space that’s just different enough to feel fresh and new!

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