Nursery Artwork Tour

August 5, 2013

Being the artsy people that we are, we wanted to make most of the artwork we planned to hang up in the baby’s room. I may have overpurchased on frames making that a pretty big undertaking, so some artwork was made by us and other pieces were printed for free online.

One one wall, I put up three paintings I made. We’ve got a cactus (which, I admit is not an original design. I modified one I saw online to fit the frame and color scheme for the room.), a take on the popular “you are my sunshine” prints with my own twist, and a little fox holding a balloon. The cactus is the only one that’s the original painting. The other two I scanned, modified, and printed. For both, I added gold paint as an accent to the final print.

I also made an owl for a frame on the nightstand.

And a little bookworm for the bookshelf on the other side of the room.

The shelves got a mix of my artwork and things I printed online. I made a little pear and printed these two pieces from sites I found online that offer free printables (the circle design is from On to Baby and the camera came from The Handmade Home).

My husband also made some artwork for our little gal. He put together this animal alphabet for over her changing table.

As well as these two other bug-themed works for her walls inspired by some prints we saw on the Rifle Paper Co. site.

I think she might already own more artwork than most adults, but when you’ve got two painting/design school parents, you can’t really expect much else!

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