Living Room Update

August 8, 2013

Since I managed to not post anything to this blog for like five months, some major changes in our living room have gone unmentioned. One of the biggest is that we finally kicked out the big, white frumpy chair we had in exchange for this seriously adorable one from Ikea.

I also made and bought a bunch of new pillows. I think they help add more color and tie everything together. They live both in the main living area and in the other sitting room we have over to the side.

I also managed to snag this plant stand at the thrift store for only $5!

And, lucky me, I got this super cute basket tower from Urban Outfitters as a birthday gift. It’s such a great place to stash magazines, books, and perhaps baby paraphernalia in the coming months.

No major changes, but just little things that help the space feel more at home. I’m hoping to find some additional poufs and some different tables, but haven’t located anything cheap enough (or cute enough) yet. I also really, really need to get some artwork up on the walls in the main living room, but after our artstravaganza in the baby’s room, I’m a bit burnt out on making things for the walls so that will likely have to wait.


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