Making Your Own Skinny Jeans

August 9, 2013

Because I can’t see the point of spending a ton of money on clothes I’ll only wear for a few months, most of my maternity wear has come from the thrift store. Sometimes, however, it’s not quite what I was looking for right off the bat. I picked up a pair of cute, white maternity jeans for $4, but they were kind of wide legged which made them see a bit dated. So, I decided to experiment as I had seen lots posts online about people turning jeans into skinnies pretty easily.

It turns out that it is really an easy process. I just read several different tutorials on the process before starting to get an idea of what to do. It’s easy to find information on it, and step by step instructions if you’re not especially skilled at sewing.

I started by putting on the pants and pinning them to where I wanted them on my legs. Pretty easy and you can see how much extra fabric there is.

Then, I just sewed along this line on both legs. Really simple. I put the pants on to see how they fit, adjusted as necessary, and cut off the excess fabric.

They’re not perfect but they will work for a few months! Much better than paying full price for a brand new pair of skinnies!

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    Well done you!

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