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Cross Stitch Portraits

August 16, 2013

Everyone needs a little family portrait to hang up around the house, whether it’s a painting, photograph, or in this case, in cross stitch. I made a portrait of my husband, myself, and our cats awhile ago, but since we’re expecting a new addition I thought it could use a little modification.

I added in little Avery in between us. Not sure how I’ll adapt it if we expand further, but I’ll have to get creative.


I also made one for a friend of mine who recently had a baby. I think it came out super cute!




A word of caution to those who want to make their own: it takes A LONG TIME. Each of these probably took me a month or more to make, putting in a good 6 hours a week. On the upside, you can work on it while catching up on TV shows or watching a movie, which can make it less tedious.

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