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Making Ornaments from Quick Dry Clay

December 20, 2013
Clay Ornaments

Being a new parent, I didn’t have as much time this year to make crafts as I had in years past. I wanted to do something but needed it to be easy and fast. I had wanted to try out making clay ornaments for some time and located this product which seemed like the perfect solution. La Doll clay is designed for making, unsurprisingly, dolls. Since I’m not really into that kind of thing, I opted to make some ornaments and gift tags instead.

It was pretty easy to work with, though very sticky. I simply rolled it out with a rolling pin onto  the counter. Next time I use it I’ll use wax paper because it does really like to adhere to anything and everything that isn’t a smooth surface. After rolling it out, I simply used cookie cutters to make shapes.

The coolest thing about this clay is that once it dried, about 24 hours later, it could be sanded, which helped to make a really smooth surface even in places where I had kinda messed up the pieces I cut out.SONY DSC

I decorated the finished products with a mixture of markers and acrylic paint. Both worked quite well. I’m pretty keen to see how Sharpie paint markers would work on it, as they’d give the precision of a pen with the look of paint. Next time, that’s what I’ll try.


I ended up with a nice selection of stars and snowflakes in the end! I think the process needs a bit of tweaking, but not bad for a first-time, spur-of-the-moment project! The snowflakes were decoration for homemade marshmallows for my husband’s coworkers. This is the second year I’ve made marshmallows and it is such a super simple process. I’ve used a few recipes, but this year I opted for Alton Brown’s version, which came out really well. They were nice and fluffy and sweet!

SONY DSCI may have kept a few for myself, too!

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