Goodbye, Chicago House

June 16, 2015


It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than a year since I’ve posted to this blog, but a lot has been going on and, in all honesty, this just wasn’t high on the priority list (though I’ve started several posts I never finished in the interim). We sold our house in Chicago and moved out to the burbs. I got a new job, then that job relocated so I got another new job. We’re currently getting ready to do a whole lot of renovations on our house. It’s been busy, but things are finally settling in and I FINALLY have some time to get back into this whole blogging thing.

So, I’ll be trying to catch things up in the next few posts by covering some of the work we’ve already done on our house and some of my current projects.

We sold our house in Chicago back in the summer of 2014. It went fast, which was a relief but also very sad. After all, it was the house where we had brought our baby home and our first big purchase together. It was our home, and I admit that I did cry a little bit when we were packing up to leave.


The whole moving process was a total nightmare. My husband got super sick (like emergency room sick) in the week before we were set to move so most of the packing fell on me to do. Then, we had to move in with our in-laws for a month while we waited on our new house to close (which was almost delayed additional time) and to have some renovations done on the new place. And unpacking and getting settled in took quite awhile too, especially with a little one to care for.


We’ve been here for about a year now and we’re pretty happy with our decision to move. Sure, it sucks not to be able to walk to places to eat, but it is quieter, less dangerous, more private, and we have a lot more space to spread out in. Plus, we don’t have to commute to work anymore!


Next up, all the changes we’ve made since we’ve moved into this house, which was not in the best state when we got it.

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