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A Fresh Coat of Paint for the Dining Room

July 9, 2015

I wasn’t in love with the colors in our house as a whole, but the dining room was perhaps the most jarring. Painted¬†red and orange, it had a bit of a ketchup and mustard vibe to it, sort of like a really classy McDonalds. Neither color was really terrible on its own, but together they were just a bit much and made the room pretty unappealing to be in.

So bright!

First step to getting this room on track was to slap some paint on the walls! After some hemming and hawing over paint colors we decided on Benjamin Moore’s Sparrow for the top half of the walls and Swiss White from Valspar for the bottom (that was a game day decision at the store, actually).

It took a few coats to cover the colors since they were very vibrant, but I think it was worth it. The room looks so much more sophisticated and calming. I think it’s a color combo that will last us for a long time, since it can be adapted to a lot of different styles.


Ta-da! Doesn’t even look like the same room.


The new curtains and pillow didn’t hurt either (both found at Ross for super, super cheap). Next up, we just need to find some chairs and hang a new light!

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