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West Elm Style Without the Price Tag: Dining Room Light Edition

July 13, 2015

The light in our dining room left a lot to be desired: it was ugly, had random wires hanging out, and bare bulbs that made it a bit hard on the eyes. Needless to say, I have been wanting to replace it ever since we moved in and had been shopping around for a light I loved for months.



I ended up deciding on the Trough Chandelier from West Elm. At $379 it was more than a splurge but I figured it would go on sale at some point and I hadn’t found anything else that I really liked. Better to spend more for a loved item than less for something you’re just OK with, I say.


While waiting for for the lighting sale that never came, I just happened to come across this light in the Menards ad. It looks really similar and is SO MUCH cheaper; just $150, and on sale for $120 when we bought it. Even better, it was incredibly easy to install– only took me about 2o minutes from start to finish. The last West Elm light we purchased took 3 hours to install and almost destroyed our marriage, though part of that may have been due to our high ceilings and that particular model’s complicated design.

I love the way it looks and am so happy that I ended up stumbling across it. It really helps the room to look a lot less dated and much more pulled together. I was worried that the Edison bulbs wouldn’t be bright enough, but they provide more than enough light for a dining room (I was also impressed that they were included, West Elm doesn’t do that and charges $12 for each bulb. Add that onto the cost of the light and you’re looking at another $36).



There’s a valuable lesson here: always shop around! It might just save you a couple hundred bucks!

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