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Doll Bed Makeover: Paint and Tiny Bedding Go a Long Way

July 19, 2015

The little bird is super into putting things to bed right now. Usually it’s us, whether we want to or not, with her yelling go to sleep and forcing us to lay down, but she also likes to put her dolls and stuffed animals to bed. With that in mind, I thought she would really like a doll bed to help her complete the whole “going to bed” experience, and when I came across one at a thrift store for just $5 I had to get it.

It wasn’t super great as it was, but very solidly built. It used to be part of a bunk set (it had a ladder but no other bed), and needed some bedding if nothing else to make it look cute.



The first thing I did was to paint it white just to freshen things up. Looks much better in white and is a better fit for the rest of Avery’s stuff.


Then I got super serious with making some doll bedding. I used a piece of foam for a mattress and sewed a tiny fitted sheet for it. Rounding out the look is a pillow, sham, and comforter.

She loved it and was all about putting things to bed pretty much immediately. The cat is also a fan and uses it as her personal bed quite a bit. Multifunctional and it all cost less than $20.

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