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Tiny Master Bath Makeover: From Moldy to Magnificent

October 10, 2015
New master bath

Our master bath makeover project is finally finished! We could not be happier with how it turned out.

As we suspected, the old shower was leaking into the floor and wall and causing tons of water damage and mold growth. What we didn’t realize was that carpenter ants love damp wood and had moved right in. Needless to say, our contractor had quite a mess to clean up. This added several days onto the project, but it’s nice to know that at least one major problem with the house is resolved and that our bathroom isn’t going to fall through the floor into the kitchen.

Here’s what we started with. Not offensive but pretty beat up, mildewed, crappy and all around underwhelming. Oh, also filled with mold and standing water.


The mold and water damage wasn’t pretty. Water had gotten into the insulation, subfloor and the framing. It all had to be replaced. But hey, now our bathroom isn’t likely to fall through the ceiling into the kitchen, so there’s that. Also significantly less like rot.


Mold and Water Damage in Bathroom

And after three long weeks of only having one bathroom, it was done! Voila, here is our bathroom masterpiece.


Trying to take pictures of this was impossible–the space is too small–but I did my best!


The lovely shelves I got at West Elm. They can’t hold anything heavy, but they look nice.


We managed to fit two towel racks behind the door, so we finally have a good place to put towels.


Pretty, pretty marble floors! Love them.


The shower is a dream. Even have room for a little teak stool in there so I can sit down to shave my legs.


The niche came out great and fits all of our bathroom junk.


We went with the “fancy” drain option and I think it was well worth it.


Our custom vanity, super cheap light, and super expensive medicine cabinet. I still need artwork for the wall.


We stuck with a lot of the things we originally picked out for the bathroom (those wood shelves from West Elm were perfect!), but had to change up things for others. For example, NONE of the vanities we picked out were in stock when we needed them. Not a one. So, our contractor custom built one for us. Here’s a list of the actual things we used in the space.

  • Tile: We got the tile from The Tile Shop. The marble tiles are Hampton Carrera Hex (in 2″ and 1″) and the subway tile is Imperial Bianco Gloss.
  • Medicine Cabinet: Pottery Barn Vintage Recessed Medicine Cabinet. This was a HUGE splurge (though it was on sale, but still) but I don’t regret it one bit. I love how it looks and I love having the extra storage space it provides.
  • Light: Schoolhouse Bathroom Light. We bought this super cheap light from Amazon and it looks great.
  • Faucets and Towel Rods: All are from Kohler’s Elliston line at Lowe’s. Let’s just say we looked at the fancy stuff and freaked out at the price tag ($800 FOR A FAUCET?!), so this was a better choice even though I still think it was expensive.
  • Paint: Benjamin Moore White Whisp. I thought this would be too white at first, but it ended up being just the right amount of gray for the room.

Most of the decorative accessories were things we already had or things I got at Target or Home Goods (stool, rug, glass jar, ring dish, basically everything I love Home Goods). I am still working on wall art for the space by the light switch. I’m thinking some framed agate slices would be super awesome.

I’m pretty sure we went over budget (damn you rotted, moldy wood and my love of marble), but it feels worth it to have a bathroom that isn’t stinky and falling apart. The only downside is that it makes the rest of our house look so shabby in comparison!


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