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Nursery Brainstorming: Baby #2 Edition

December 18, 2015

Pretty much as soon as you pop out your first kid people start asking when or if you’re planning on having another. Well, now we finally have an answer. Baby #2 is expected to make his arrival sometime in mid April, and with a past history of being pretty incapacitated in the final months of pregnancy (severe edema leading to painful carpal tunnel syndrome) I am in a hurry to get his nursery stuff in order ASAP.

So, that means doing some serious nursery brainstorming! Here’s what I’ve come up with so far for ideas for little guy’s room. 

We initially flirted with doing a couple of more “themey” rooms but decided that was too limiting in what we could do so opted to use a select color palette and then throw in whatever we liked that matched. It’s a lot more freeing and leaves a bit more wiggle room for finding stuff that fits the space. It’s what we did the first time around and it worked out super well as she has aged, as it’s been flexible enough to let us make small changes that reflect her style without having to redo the entire thing. So, that’s the plan for round two, too.

  • Paint Colors: Right now, I’m flirting with Benjamin Moore’s Gray Pinstripe and Pale Smoke for the room, but that might change as I stare at them on the wall and waffle between a few different choices. Whatever direction it goes, I’m planning a dark accent wall behind the dresser and a lighter blue gray for the rest of the space.
  • Curtains: I’ll have to see them in person, but these navy Werna curtains from IKEA (block outs for the win) seem like a good value and a good match.
  • Dresser: The dresser is a vintage piece that we refinished in Honey. I got it through a mid-century furniture Facebook group that I belong too– a much better deal that even IKEA since it’s solid wood and super durable and only cost me $150 (with delivery). Less than $200 even with refinishing. It’s tough enough to last through high school and beyond.
  • Bed and Rocker: Lil guy will be reusing the bed and rocker we already had. Not the ones pictured in this, unfortunately, but I couldn’t find the bed we own on Target’s website (this one is from Dwell) and this one already had the bedding in there, soooo, just easier if not entirely accurate.  Our chair is also very similar to this one from Target.
  • Shelf: I really like this cute shelf from Land of Nod, but I think we’ll probably end up painting a leaning shelf we already have from Crate and Barrel a darker gray and using that since it costs only my time and the price of paint.
  • Bedding: Think you can’t afford baby bedding from Dwell Studio? Think again–the site really knows how to do a clearance sale. I scored the entire Skyline set (two sheets, bedskirt, changing pad cover, and blanket) for just over $50 because it was on clearance and there was an additional discount for buying multiple pieces in a set. The design is cheerful and isn’t super gendered so if little guy somehow manages to be a little girl it won’t be awkward.
  • Rug: I’m really into this Gold Bars rug from Land of Nod, but my plans to use it hinge on being able to find it at the local Land of Nod outlet. Retail price is about $300 which is far too rich for my blood, but rugs at the outlet only run $100 for 4×6 which is totally doable for a high quality rug (especially since I have a gift card!). If I don’t have any luck with that, my backup plan is this stripey one from Overstock.
  • Art: Art is still up in the air but both of the pieces here from Etsy are pretty rad. I think we still might do a bit of a space theme, so something like this outer space art would work really well and perhaps the bear print could just be very tiny.

Now I just need to actually get to work on pulling all of these things together! Only 17 more weeks to go!

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