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Baby Andrew’s Space Cowboy Nursery

April 14, 2016
Baby Andrew's space cowboy themed nursery.

Just in time for baby’s arrival, the nursery is done!

I didn’t want to go all out with a super themed nursery, so the space is a bit of a compromise between the whole space thing and adding in other elements that are a bit more rustic or that just match the overall color scheme.

Baby Andrew's space cowboy themed nursery. Vintage dresser with space-themed art against dark wall.

One of the first projects finished for his nursery was this dresser. It was in need of some love, but was the right price, so we refinished it. It works perfectly for a changing table, with room for all the diapers and wipes and other goodies for the little one. I love how it pops against the dark wall, too!

Baby Andrew's space cowboy themed nursery. Vintage dresser with space-themed art against dark wall.

We still need to finish up one more piece of art for over the dresser, but mostly it’s there and ready to go. The letter A was a Home Goods snag, as was the mirror, and the Love You to the Moon and Back art is from Banquet Atelier. The other art was made by myself and my husband.

Baby Andrew's space cowboy themed nursery. Dark accent wall, vintage dresser/changing table, space art.

Next to the changing table we’ve got our lil rocker all set up and a side table for setting bottles, burp rags, pacifiers and whatnot. I even found a little portable moon night light to provide some low key light for nighttime feeding and rocking. There was a rocket shelf I really wanted to hang over the chair from Target’s new line of kid’s stuff, but it sold out immediately and has yet to come back in stock, so maybe someday we’ll get that up in there, as it does look a little bare. The art over the chair is a space alphabet made by my husband– I forgot to get a shot of that so I’ll add that in later.

Baby Andrew's space cowboy themed nursery.

On the other side of his nursery, he’s got a bed and a bookshelf to store all of his toys and baby goods.

Baby Andrew's space cowboy themed nursery. Space artwork made with images from Hubble.

The prints hanging above the bed are ones that I made by using images from the Hubble telescope. They’re free and hi-res, so great for any kind of space-themed project you might have going on.

Baby Andrew's space cowboy themed nursery. DIY star mobile.

I made the mobile myself after shopping around and realizing that nothing fit both what I wanted and what I wanted to pay. It’s made of a stained embroidery hoop, metallic pleather, and string. Really easy though time-consuming to put together.

Baby Andrew's space cowboy themed nursery. Parsons shelf.

I replaced the shelf I was originally going to use in here with this one. It’s bigger and more functional for the space. Plus, it’ll do a better job growing with him, as there’s room for pretty much anything and it’s in a classic style. Right now it’s crammed with toys and blankets and decorative stuff. The rocking horse was a thrift store score– just $6 for a nice Pier One horsey.

Baby Andrew's space cowboy themed nursery. Robot decor.

We’ve migrated our collection of toy robots in here since they kinda go with the space theme. Most of them are in pretty sad shape after being manhandled by Avery, but they’re on a high shelf so hopefully he won’t be grabbing at them until he’s a bit older and less breaky with things.

Baby Andrew's space cowboy themed nursery. Nursery moon banner and light up moon.

The moon actually lights up and goes through the various phases–it’ll be great for late night low lighting or for when he’s older and wants a night light (it’s timed). I made the little moon banner to go underneath since the moon looked lonely just hanging up there on the wall by itself.

Baby Andrew's space cowboy themed nursery. Astronaut monkey and moon chair.

I found this “moon” chair at Target on super clearance and thought it would be a good fit for the space. The pillow is Land of Nod and the astronaut monkey was a last-minute impulse buy because I thought it was so cute.

Baby Andrew's space cowboy themed nursery.

And that’s it! Now we’re just waiting for the little guy to make his big arrival!

Get the Nursery Goods

  • Curtains: IKEA Werna They’re black out curtains, so perfect for baby, and they feel very high quality for the price.
  • Bedding: DwellStudio Skyline This set was on clearance so it was a total steal– $50 for 2 sheets, bedskirt, blanket, and changing pad cover. I also got the safari blanket just because I liked it (also on mega clearance). Now seeing some of their new lines, I kinda wish I had waited– both the triangle and the bear sets are so adorable.
  • Shelf: Threshold Parsons 5-Shelf Bookshelf I had originally put another shelf in here, but it just wasn’t big enough. This one works perfectly because it balances out the dark wood from the dresser and provides tons of storage.
  • Dresser: Vintage Lane Rhythm The dresser is a vintage piece I bought through a Facebook group and refinished. It’s fairly easy to find versions of it for sale– the link to the one on Charish is absurdly expensive, so look local for the best deals.
  • Rocker: Babies R Us Little Castle Kacy Collection Morgan Nursery Swivel Glider We already had this rocker from our first nursery. It’s a little worn (mostly thanks to some asshole cats), but should hold up for another kid. The ottoman is a vintage one I found at a church sale. It usually lives in our bedroom, but is hanging out in here for the time being.
  • Rug: Land of Nod Gold Bars Rug If you think I paid $300 for a rug, you’re crazy. This was a super deal at the Land of Nod outlet– just $100. With a helpful gift card we already had, it cost me a grand total of $0.
  • Paint: Sherwin Williams Outerspace and Krypton. The darker blue is the Outerspace, the lighter Krypton. It took a lot of hemming and hawing to settle on these two, but I really like them.
  • Bed: The bed is Graco and came from Target, though I don’t think they still carry this exact style. This one is similar.

I think I covered all the nursery goods, but let me know if there’s something else that needs to be sourced!

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  • Reply Becka April 14, 2016 at 8:04 pm

    So cute! The fox lamp, my friend…where did you find it?

    • Reply April 14, 2016 at 8:11 pm

      It’s from Target a few years back. It used to live in our room, but didn’t fit after the move.

  • Reply Cindy Laun April 14, 2016 at 11:26 pm

    Everything looks really nice.

  • Reply Meg April 17, 2016 at 2:06 am

    No better time than 37.5 weeks to sneak in a few blog posts! Everything looks fantastic. Making a note of the Sherwin Williams paint, what a great spectrum of colors.

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