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An Even Better Big Girl Room

March 14, 2018

Finding out we were having a third child meant that there would no longer be room for a guest bedroom on the second floor of our house. But we didn’t want to lose the queen sized bed just in case we really needed more sleeping accommodations. So, even though we had just redone Avery’s room a few years prior when she moved into a “big girl bed,” we put the even bigger bed into her room. That meant some remodeling in her space.

This is what her room looked like when we first moved in. She was still a little bitty one, so she was still in the baby bed. Much less pink at this stage because I was still in charge of picking out everything.

When baby bro #1 came along, she got upgraded to a twin bed.

But poor girl didn’t get to enjoy it for long with the impending arrival of bro #2. To make room for the big bed, I took out the dresser and long shelf that was in her room. The dresser went into new baby bro Charlie’s room since he needs the storage space and she doesn’t– her closet is huge. The shelf ended up in the basement for now. I replaced them with a long table that now holds her dollhouse and a bookshelf that I’ve had since I was fresh out of college. I plan on painting the shelf down the line–she wants it to be pink– but I have to wait for warmer weather and some actual free time.

Now she has a small reading nook in the corner where the shelf and her tiny chair are. I rounded it out by adding a super fun furry rug from Target and reusing an old IKEA lamp I had from previous house.

I was super sad to let go of the twin bedding she had, since I had made much of it myself. The old duvet was one I dyed by hand and the bedskirt I sewed from special order fabric. New new bed stuff is all from Target. She loves the floral bedspread and flamingo sheets, but the biggest hit has been the bed canopy. She adores it.

The bed itself was an old bed frame I had from IKEA. I think it was one of the first things I bought when I moved to an apartment in Chicago. It was beat up and dated, so I did a little modifying. I sawed off the ends of the headboard, screwed on some plywood, and covered the whole thing with batting and fabric. The little buttons may have been a mistake– they pop off kind of easily and it’s super annoying. I would probably not do that again. But overall I love how much more luxe it looks like this.



She got some new artwork and shelves and I hope to add some more as time goes on–I just haven’t had time. I also put up some clouds and glow in the dark stars to make it a bit more fun.The curtains are the same ones she had in her old room–they still go.

Everything else in her room stayed pretty much the same. She’s still got her teepee and horsey, and I threw in some baskets to catch her dress up clothes and ever-expanding collection of stuffed animals.

Hopefully this room will serve her well until she gets older and wants to do something more mature!



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