Summer Vacation Capsule Wardrobe

May 28, 2019
Summer clothes with summer icons

We’re heading off for a long road trip this summer, mixing up cities and beach time. Everywhere is going to be super, super hot, however. Not sure if it’ll ever be consistently warm back home, but hey, I have the clothes should it ever decide to not be rainy and cold because we’ll be facing a real summer inferno on this trip (avg temp is expected to be 90).

I initially didn’t intend to create a color scheme of sorts for this little vacation capsule, but that’s just how it turned out once I started shopping. Apparently, I’m really into blush pink right now. I blame the Millennial in me. I know this isn’t strictly speaking a fashion blog, but I haven’t done much to my house lately, so why not post some clothes?


Everything kind of ended up matching, which is great for unexpected weather– I can pretty much assume everything will look OK with everything else whether I need to wear jeans or shorts or long sleeves or whatever. Here’s what’s in my suitcase, with links from left to right, top, then left to right, bottom.

I’ll also probably throw in a denim long sleeve shirt in case it’s cold indoors and I might bring along this white Courier shirt from Madewell as well because it goes with everything. And a rain coat of course! Can’t ever forget a rain coat.


On to bottoms! It’s gonna be insanely hot, so it’s mostly shorts but I did throw in a pair of jeans just in case we get a bizarrely cold day. Again, items are listed L to R, top then bottom.

I might also throw in a pair of long Bermuda shorts in a dark color just to mix things up. Depends on if there’s room!


Not trip to the beach is complete without a few dresses and I bought my first jumpsuit, too! These kind of veer off from the rest of my color palette, but they are worn on their own and don’t need to match anything else, so that’s OK.


I’m planning on being at the beach quite a bit so I’m bringing a few suits so I can always have one that isn’t still damp. Putting on a still wet and cold swimsuit is such an awful feeling. Yuck. I actually got the green one at TJ Maxx and it’s AMAZING ($30!!). So much squishing in of the mummy tummy. The striped set was an eBay purchase– my advice is to size up when shopping Boden.

I’m also bringing a black beach cover up and some swim shorts– not always comfortable showing off the booty at the beach.


No surprise, I’m pretty much only bringing sandals. Got some functional ones for walking and going to the beach or pool and some dressier ones for going out to dinner. Throw in some Toms and Nikes to round it out, and I should be good for just about anything.

Here’s the whole thing, all in one shot so you can see how it all goes together. I’m hoping it all works out and is easy to pick from everyday– I’m always so horribly indecisive about clothes choices on trips. I always regret half the stuff I pack. This is my attempt to avoid that situation.

I think that’s mostly it! I’m so excited and I can’t wait to get away from work and home responsibilities for awhile!

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