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  • Life

    A To-Do List for the New Year

    With the new year comes new resolutions and one of mine was to finally tackle the numerous craft, cooking, and personal projects I keep putting off. Easier said than done, but I made a…

    February 3, 2013
  • Food Life Vintage

    Fall Catch Up

    It has been far too long since I’ve posed an update here. I wish I had an excuse, but honestly I’ve just been putting this aside a bit so I can focus on work…

    December 4, 2012
  • Life

    New Homeowner Trials

    We are finally getting settled into our new place, and like many homeowners, are learning that there are a few quirks that go along with our new home. So far, we’ve discovered these things:…

    May 16, 2012
  • Life

    New House!

    I haven’t been back to post much in the past few weeks because I have been a busy little bee! I headed down to Texas for my sister’s wedding which was a great time…

    March 22, 2012
  • Life Wedding

    Wedding Roundup

    Long time, no see, blogging world. Well, that’s not entirely true, I blog almost every day, all day for work, which is probably why I have so little motivation to work on my own…

    January 16, 2012
  • Art Crafts Life Paper Wedding

    Handmade Wedding Invites

    It has been ages since I’ve updated this blog. It’s not out of laziness but instead is a consequence of having a wedding coming up. Wedding stuff has pretty much taken over my life.…

    September 1, 2011
  • Art Crafts Life Paper Wedding

    Wedding Guestbook

    We are planning to have a photo guest book at our wedding where guests can take a Polaroid and write a message for us. I found this scrapbook at Dick Blick and decided it…

    August 29, 2011